Please find below our puppies


Please find below our puppies
Puppies are also available to buy. They are wormed, vaccinated and they come with a health card, microchip and insurance. A 12-months warranty is also included.

We train and sell the best breeds of hunting puppies both in quality and hunting skills.

We provide our clients all year around with hunting dop puppies from mares mainly used for hunting. In particular, the males are always from the best genealogies in the world.

We offer the following breeds: English Setter, English Pointer, Brittany Spaniel, German Wirehaired Pointer and English Springer Spaniel.

We also offer short and strong-haired Italian Hounds whose parents are specialised in hare hunting. Moreover, we offer Segugio dell’Appennino which are skilled in hare hunting as well.

Puppies are given to the customer when they are around 60 days and have been wormed and vaccinated. They also come with microchip and pedigree.

We provide help and advice, and we are available to follow our customers during the different stages of a puppy’s growth.


ENCI (Ente Nazionale Della Cinofilia Italiana): Hounds, Pointing dogs, Hunting Dogs.

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