About US

We train and sell the best hunting dogs

About Us

We train and sell the best hunting dogs
We are an Italian company with 40 years of experience specialised in breeding, training and selling hounds of the best breeds available. Our dogs are picked from the best reserves and hunting areas in the world.


We are specialised in breeding and the best hounds’ pedigrees available. We train pointing dogs, flushing dogs and hounds mainly for wild boar, hare, woodcock and rabbit hunting.

There are several breeds of hunting dogs and puppies available. For example, English Setter, English Pointer, Epagneul Breton, German Wirehaired Pointer (Drahthaar), German Shorthaired Pointer (Kurzhaar), English Springer Spaniel, Hounds.

We work to meet the requests of hunters. For this reason, our staff always view the dogs in their natural habitat.

Our main goal is to provide the most demanding hunter with a good quality and manageable hounds.

To achieve this, the dog will be train to listen to commands with greed, depth, resistance and experience gained in contact with the natural game.

To reach this goal, we train our hunting dogs in Crimes, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro where there is plenty of natural game.


During this period, if the hound does not match the declared characteristics, the entire amount will be refunded and will not be replaced with another dog.

Specific requests from the customer are always encouraged in order to understand which dog is most suitable for the hunting characteristics of each buyer.

Only this way we can make your “dream” of becoming a real hunter come true.

Our costumers frequently request Woodcock hunting dogs. This animal has in fact become increasingly popular amongst modern hunters.

We believe that every hound breed who is trained in the land where this noble animal reside can become the much desired and requested “specialist”.

We have been on the internes since 4th June 2007 as Canicaccia to promote the selling of hunting dogs.

We have an increasing number of clients thanks to the visits and requests we receive from our website.

We are also proud to have more than 50 thousand followers on social media. You can visit our Facebook page, you can also find us on Instagram @canicaccia, Twitter @infocanicaccia or watch our videos on our YouTube channel Youtube Canicaccia.

We have launched the first Italian audio channel dedicated to the art of hunting on Ancor “Podcast Canicaccia”.

Follow our social media channels to keep yourself informed on the latest news that the staff publishes on our hunting dogs and our company.


Franco Turtoro


Canicaccia: il proprietario Franco Turtoro

Franco Turtoro

Founder of the Canicaccia company.

With 43 hunting licenses, Franco has turned the art of hunting into his job and his main passion. He has more than 40 years of hunting experience in the best reserves in the world. He can evaluate if a puppy will become an excellent hunting dog when the subject is only 10-12 months old. Franco carries out the training of pointing dog, hounds and flushing dogs. He also looks after the training and the sale of hare, rabbit and wild boar hunting dogs.

Maria Korchagina

Co-Founder and Social Media Manager

Allevamento e addestramento cani da caccia: la social media manager maria korchagina

Maria Korchagina

Co-Founder and Social Media Manager of the Canicaccia company

She is a professional trainer, graduated as a dog trainer in October 2003.

She later continued her studies in Social Media Marketing attending courses in Lombardy (Italy), private companies and online such as Google Digital Training.

She created the website in June 2007 along with all the company’s social media channels.

She personally takes care of dog’s photoshoots, videos and all web marketing activities.

ccanicaccia-allevamento e addestramento-cani-caccia



Franco Turtoro has made hunting, especially with pointing dogs, and the training and sale of hunting dogs, the main passion of his life.

He has more than 40 years of experience in hunting practiced all over the world.

He believes he can evaluate in a young subject of 10-12 months, starting him with hunting experience, if this will be an excellent hunting dog in the future.

Addestramento cani da caccia


We organize the worldwide shipping of hunting dogs purchased from us.

For transport by land We use transporters with cars approved and authorized for the transport of dogs, provided with every comfort for the welfare of the animal, insurance and drivers with a health license for the transport and custody of dogs.

For shipments by air we organize transport with approved and authorized Pet Boxes with documentation and withdrawals in accordance with the law.

Furgone spedizioni cani da caccia


We offer the rental service for the hunting season of Hounds, perfectly trained for hunting wild boar, hare and fox.
We accept estimates from Hunting Reserves, Wildlife Companies, Hunters Teams.


Contact us for information or quotes on our services.


Avogadro street n. 1
27055 – Rivanazzano Terme (PV) – ITALY

Mobile Phone:

+39 3470074418 Turtoro Franco speak italian
+39 3281977333 Maria Korchagina speak English, Russian and Spanish

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