Hunting dogs for sale: breeding and training of the best hounds


Hunting dogs for sale: breeding and training of the best genealogy

Our goal is to provide demanding hunters with the best hunting dogs, both in quality and in training.

We breed and train genealogy for sale.

Our hunting-dogs come from the best reserves and hunting areas in the world and we offer the best pedigrees available.

We are specialised in training and selling mostly pointing dogs, flushing dogs and hounds for wild boar, hare and rabbit hunting.


The pointing dogs we select are English Setter, English Pointer, Epagneul Breton, Drahthaar, Kurzhaar, Springer Spaniel.

We also sell short-haired and wire-haired Italian Hounds for hare and wild rabbit hunting. Moreover, we also provide hounds trained to hunt boars and hares.

As for wild boar hunting, we sell Balkan, Serbian, French hounds and Posavatz. We also have hunting Dachsbracke, perfectly trained to meet the requests of the most demanding hunters.

Our hunting dogs are sold already perfectly trained for the speciality requested and corrected on the unwanted game.


Pointing Dogs

We have various breeds of pointing dogs available for sale. Pedigree, microchip, health card and 12-months warranty included.


Hounds are available for sale. Pedigree, microchip, health card and 12-months warranty included.

Cani pronta caccia in vendita: Cuccioli


We sell pedigree puppies already vaccinated and wormed with health card, microchip and 12-months warranty included.

Cani pronta caccia in vendita: servizio addestramento

Training Service

We have 40 years’ experience in training pointing dogs, flushing dogs and hounds.

About Us: breeding, training, and sale of hunting dogs.

We are specialised in breeding and the best hounds’ pedigrees available.

Above all we train pointing dogs, flushing dogs and hounds mainly for boar, hare, woodcock and rabbit hunting.

There are several breeds that are available to choose from. For example, English Setter, English Pointer, Epagneul Breton, German Wirehaired Pointer (Drahthaar), German Shorthaired Pointer (Kurzhaar), English Springer Spaniel, Hounds.

In order to satisfy the hunters’ requests, our stuff always view the dogs in their natural habitat.

Our main goal is to meet the needs of any hunters by providing a good quality and manageable hound.

To achieve this, the dog will be trained to listen to commands with greed, depth, resistance and experience gained in contact with the natural game.

To reach this goal, we train our hunting dogs in Crimea, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro where there is plenty of natural game.

Canicaccia: il proprietario Franco Turtoro


Dog training


Hunting dog training service

Franco Turtoro has turned his life-long passions into his job. He is a skilled hunter and trainer with more than 40 years of experience gained working and hunting all around the world. He can evaluate if a puppy will become an excellent hunting dog when the subject is only 10-12 months old. His main passion is training, selling and hunting, especially with pointers.

Dog shipping


Dog shipping service

We can ship our hounds to Italy and around the world. We use carriers with homologated and authorized vans to transport dogs. The animals are supplied with every comfort for their welfare. All our drivers have insurance and a health licence to transport and look after the dogs. For air transport, we organise the shipment with authorized and approved Pet Box.

Hounds rental


Hounds rental service

We offer hounds rental services for the hunting seasons. All our dogs are perfectly trained for wild boar, hare and fox hunting. We accept quotes from hunting reserves, wildlife companies and hunters’ teams. The hounds are provided with pedigree, insurance and passport. They are delivered and collected by our drivers.

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