Pointing dogs and flushing dogs trained

Pointing dogs and flushing dogs trained

Sale and training of hunting dogs.

Experience and professionalism for 50 years. 12 months warranty.


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Sale and training of pointing dogs and flushing dogs.

We sell and train ready hunting dogs. The experience and professionalism of 50 years of working with hunting dogs. 12 months warranty!

Sale and training of hunting dogs of different breeds, for hunting woodcock, hare, rabbit and wild boar. We also breed and sell puppies of hunting dogs of the best breeds.

Le razze principali che puoi trovare da noi:

  • English Setter
  • English Pointer
  • Epagneul Breton
  • Drahthaar
  • Kurzhaar
  • English Springer Spaniel

See some of our trained pointing dogs and flushing dogs from the best genealogies.

We are a company specializing in the breeding, training, and sale of hunting dogs, coming from the best genealogies available. We train mainly pointing dogs, flushinf dogs and hounds; mainly for hunting wild boar, hare, woodcock and rabbit.

Our primary goal is to provide the most demanding hunter with high quality and easy-to-manage hunting dog.

Our training areas with this objective are Crimea, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and other sites where natural game is present. We have been present on the web as a Canicaccia company since 4 June 2007, to promote the sale of hunting dogs.

We are experiencing the  following of customers thanks to the visits and requests we receive from our website.

Sales and training of hunting dogs

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